Let’s Change Your Life

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Yolande Daniel is a Registered Nurse turned Master Life Coach and Certified Image Consultant. She believes  that every woman has BEAUTY and STRENGTH on the inside waiting to be share with the world. Every woman is POWERFUL. For many years she struggled with desiring more of life and not knowing how to achieve her dreams. Her past experiences caused her much pain and led her to question my capabilities and self worth:

  • Poverty

  • Low self-esteem

  • Poor body-image

  • Emotional/psychological abuse

  • Divorce

  • Infertility

For many years I was trapped in a cycle of fear that crippled my every move, I could not make a simple decision. But thank God, through the power of prayer and hard work I was able to conquer those challenges and overcome those obstacles that had me bound.​Today I help women to conquer and take control of their minds so that they can be the powerful, beautiful phoenix rising from the ashes of their past, soaring above their circumstances. You can RISE from your past and BECOME all that you were created to be. You have the inner fortitude to push through pain, jump over the obstacles, to begin to flap your wings and soar over the flames of your past.

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