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Yolande Daniel, is the CEO/Founder of Yolande Daniel Consulting, LLC & The Confident Woman Academy. As a Certified Life Coach, Certified Image Consultant & Certified Professional Bra Fitter, Yolande empowers women to reclaim their power and confidence, by enhancing their appearance and image into a consistent message that aligns with their authentic personal and business brand. Yolande experienced many challenges in life which and has transformed her pain into her purpose to help other women discover their beauty inside out. 


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Yolande Daniel is an Image Consultant, Bra Guru, and the CEO/Founder Yolande Daniel Consulting, LLC and The Confident Woman Academy. She is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Image Consultant and Registered Nurse. She believes one’s beauty flows from the inside-out, and a woman’s appearance is directly linked to her view of herself. 


Yolande was born on the country of Trinidad & Tobago and moved to the US as a teenager. From a child she suffered from poverty, low self-esteem, poor body-image, and lack of confidence. As an adult she experienced emotional and psychological abuse in marriage, infertility, and ultimately divorce which caused her to lose her home, support system and friends. These experiences crippled her from achieving her dreams and God-given purpose.


But thank God, through the power of prayer and dedicated work she conquered those challenges to become the success she is today. Now her pain has become her purpose as she empowers women discover their beauty inside-out.

Career Highlights

  • Keynote Speaker: I Own My Power Summit, Dr. Sonja Stribling

  • Founder/CEO:  Yolande Daniel Consulting, LLC and The Confident Woman Academy

  • Recognized by the Caribbean Association of Georgia as an Essential Worker during National Caribbean Heritage Month

  • Former Director of Nursing
  • For Girls Only Breast Education Event

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As a Keynote speaker, Yolande uses this same philosophy to empower and motivate her audience to believe that they can triumph over their past to become their Best Self and find their true inner Beauty. By using her personal story, humor, and the principles that helped her overcome her past and embrace her present. Yolande delivers a captivating and entertaining presentation that will leave your audience inspired, motivated and wanting more.

Topics that she speaks on:

  • Rising From The Ashes fo Your Past

  • Image Is Power

  • Confidence Is Key To Success


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Want Yolande at Your Event? 

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